Ontarians cannot afford to lose their Greenbelt. 

83% of the lands removed from the Greenbelt are of the highest agricultural qualities in the world and protects our drinking water supply. 

Once this farmland is paved, it will be lost forever.

Losing farmland means that we will have to import more food, which will increase our grocery bills even more.

Report after report shows that Greenbelt lands are not required to build the 1.5 million homes that Ontarians need over the next decade.

While Ontarians pay for this extensive sprawl (creating and maintaining roads, sewers, water lines), insiders benefit to the tune of $8.3 billion. 


WHEREAS the Auditor General has found this Government to have favoured certain developers when removing land sites from the Greenbelt, interfering with assessment criteria to do so, benefitting a select few developers with connections to the current provincial government;

WHEREAS the extensive sprawl will cost Ontarians billions for roads, sewers, water and other services;

WHEREAS Ontario is already losing 319.6 acres of farmland and greenspace to development;

WHEREAS the Government's Housing Affordability Task Force found there are plenty of places to build homes without destroying the Greenbelt;

WHEREAS greenspaces and farmland are what we rely on to grow our food, support natural habitats and prevent flooding;

THEREFORE WE THE UNDERSIGNED petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario to be immediately recalled to restore these lands to the Greenbelt.