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Services and Assistance

At our community office, my team and I are happy to assist you with issues pertaining to provincial services and programs. If required, we can also help connect you with local community resources and refer you to other levels of government.

The services our Community Office Team can assist with include:

  • Birth Certificates, including expedited services
  • Ontario Disability Support Program/Ontario Works
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
  • Employment Issues
  • Education Issues, including OSAP
  • Landlord and Tenant Board
  • Seniors Issues
  • Birthday and Anniversary Greetings
    • We are also happy to provide greetings to events, certificates of achievement or recognition for individuals and organizations, and celebratory messages for milestone birthdays and anniversaries.


Queen's Park Office Services

Please share your ideas, concerns and questions about provincial policy issues with my Queen's Park office. 

The Queen's Park team can also assist with:

  • The creation of petitions to be presented to the legislature
  • Provincial funding requests and letters of support
  • Letters to ministers
  • Visits to the legislature and seating in the member's gallery of the House

Share Your Stories

I am happy to highlight local stories in the Ontario Legislature. Please send an email to share your experiences or story to [email protected]


What can our MPP office do?

Advocacy: We listen to your concerns, bring them up with the right people, and try to make positive changes or find solutions on your behalf.

Information and Referrals: We can give you information about programs, services, and initiatives run by the provincial government. If your issue is handled by another level of government, we will guide you to the right person or organization.

Casework Assistance: We can help with specific issues you're facing. We'll review your case, gather information, and contact government departments or agencies to help you. We can't guarantee specific outcomes, but we'll work hard to find a fair solution and support you through the process.

Community Support: We can assist community projects, collaborate with local organizations, and attend public events to stay connected with our constituents.

Legislative Work: MPPs take part in the process of making laws. They propose new laws, discuss issues, and shape policies that affect the province and its residents.


What our MPP office cannot do:

Jurisdictional Limitations: We can only help with matters within the province of Ontario. If your concern is handled by the federal or municipal government, we'll direct you to the right representative.

Immediate Problem Resolution: Some issues take time to resolve or involve many people. We can't promise quick solutions, but we'll do our best to support your interests.

Interfere with Legal Matters: We can't get involved in legal cases or issues before the courts. It's important to seek advice from a lawyer for legal matters.

Direct Government Organizations or Agencies: We can't tell specific provincial government organizations or agencies what to do. They work independently and follow their own processes.

Resolve Private Disputes: We can't help mediate or settle private disputes between individuals or organizations. Legal advice or alternative dispute resolution methods are recommended for such matters.

Political Party Concerns: MPP offices are non-partisan, which means we can't handle things related to any political party. Our focus is on helping you and working within the provincial government.